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Diversity, Cultural Competence and Emotional Intelligence
Certification Course (DCCEQ)

Diversity, Cultural Competence and Emotional Intelligence Certification Course (DCCEQ)

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Leadership and Diversity Institute: SUPERVISION ESSENTIALS Academy


This course is designed for you to maximize your learning using your senses and repetition. In order to build your leadership and diversity management skills, it is best to watch each short lesson more than once. Each video has words for you to read and listen to at the same time in order to connect the ideas more solidly in your min. After watching each video, download the full-article and read it one-sitting. The video lesson gives you more concept related to the video to use as you build up your understanding and awareness on each lesson topic. Most article lessons are between 3 minutes to 18 minutes in length and feature related images to keep your attention and focus. Where you put your focus, is where you will get your result. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you download each Workbook Activity and do them after you have watched the video and read the article. The activities are in place for you to reflect upon the lesson, your experiences, and to create a plan of action for retaining the skills and knowledge, as well as enhancing your leadership and diversity management abilities. Finally, if you wish to have a certificate mailed to you, you must complete each of the quizzes and send them in to this address:

You will receive your certificate once you have watched all of the videos and completed each workbook activity and shown satisfactory mastery in all of the required quizzes


  • Create realistic plans of action to improve employee engagement in a way that promotes higher performance, increased profitability, more cohesive teams, enhanced communication, better collaboration, and turnover.

  • Identify strategies for creating and supportting engaged, productive and satisfied team members.

  • Be able to aply skillls in identifying unconcius buas to reduce discrimination and inequality.

  • Examine psychological processe that imact decison making and identify ways to design better workplace practices to better leverage the otnential of all emloyees.

  • Evaluate how bet to manage diversity and inclusion by articulating high-involvement diversity practices in the framework of business and cultural challenges and be able to assess the effectiveness of inclusion initiatives.

  • Collect and organize personal experiences and belief that may be holding you back in order to give you new insights and skills for fostering an inclusive workplace climate that maximizes outcome from the diversity of your team.

  • Professional Development with this online learning Continuity Education Unit (CEU) Course is guaranteed to be memorable and worthwhile! All 50 lessons are researched for the latest cutting-edge information on each topic and delivered in short video lessons featuring key ideas from the cotemporary research; a short written comprehensive supporting article, and a short writing reflection and journal assignment designed to expand your insights and skills! Take the final exam and earn 80% or better to get your DCCEQ certificate and 5 Continuing Education Credits - [email protected]

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