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All successes start with a seed planted nourished and watered daily. So, it is the same with self-improvement. No matter how successful you are today, with the RIGHT kind of knowledge, focus, reflection, and practice, who you are today can end up being a significantly more effective person in just 60 days following the instructions of this scientifically designed cutting-edge course.

This course was created with the vision of meaning every organization's goal of increasing productivity, profits, and customer/stakeholder satisfaction. What we know from decades of research is that the quality of leadership people get, determines the quality of inspiration, motivation and output of each individual. These days, every organization can improve profits, productivity and get a competitive edge by individually educating and properly training leaders to have enhanced leadership skills, interpersonal abilities, diversity thinking, cultural competence and emotional intelligence.

The Supervision Essentials Academy of the Leadership and Diversity Institute was founded by Dr. Paul L. Gerhardt, PhD who has had decades of experience training thousands of leaders in various industries and levels.

Who is Dr. Paul Gerhardt?

If you've ever wished to become a greater, more inspiring leader, and you want to learn it from one of the best people who can take your leadership abilities to new levels, then you've just made a great decision by learning more about Dr. Paul Gerhardt

Dr. Paul Gerhardt is a tenured professor and a highly sought-after keynote speaker, human resource development and diversity and leadership training expert on a mission to change the world of organizational success.

His inspirational talks, training, and consulting sessions have become the game-changers for many organizations... And the list of leaders from organizations who've worked with Dr. Paul Gerhardt give you confidence you are in good hands.

Past Clients:

Large banking institutions; manufacturing organiztions; federal agencies; Fortune 100 Companies; and the United States Army.

To reach even more people, Dr Paul has published several books on the broad range of leadership and diversity subjects that he speaks about.

Today, his time-tested techniques and strategies have been used by many leaders, who freely admits using his material as their go-to sources for becoming a better leader.

The Supervision Essential Training Course Gets Results!

Dr. Paul Gerhardt has nearly two decades worth of experience in all levels of leadership and his highly educated at a Ph.D. level, as an expert in his field.

Course materials are developed with this experience and intense drive to positively impact those who want to become the best that they can be.

Dr. Paul is certified and experienced: Human Resource Management Graduate Certificate, Myers-Briggs psychological assessment certifed, DiSc behaviourla analyst/facilitator, Cultural Intelligence Certified, as well an Organizational Development (OD) Consultant.

Paul Gerhardt, PhD believes everyone has the potential to become a great leader

What it takes is dedication to learn new skills and the commitment to start the life-changing transformation.

Course materials are developed with this experience and intense drive to positively impact those who want to become the best that they can be.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

In just 60 days, this course is guaranteed to take your leadership knowledge, skills and abilities to the next levels-giving you even better results than you are currently getting, no matter how successful you have been in the past. All successes are related to high levels of interpersonal abilities and proper application at the right times. You just need to follow the directions with an open mind and be willing to see things and do things differently. This course is scientifically designed to comprehensively build your leadership knowledge, skills and abilities exponentially. However, just like failing to follow the cooking instructions of any recipe, if you fail to watch the videos with an open mind, fail to read the short researched articles with an open mind, fail to reflect with an open mind, fail to do each of the daily journal writing exercises to the best of your abilities, you will fail to gain the benefits that this course offers. Learning is an active process that must be practiced daily for the best results.

For Best Results

(1) Simply start your morning with an open mind by watching one short video lesson. (2) then read the short-researched article on the topic of the day, (3) then do the do reflection journal writing activity The more honest of a reflection with an open mind you have, the more growth you will get.

Your Habits Shape Your Future

How you see things affects what you do, which affects your outcomes and result. So, you must have an open mind and do the necessary work with the right learning materials to gain the results you desire. Transformation depends on what you think, how you do it.

This course is scientifically designed to grow your leadership skills and abilities one day at a time, one hour at a time. Of course, you can choose to not watch each short video lesson, or choose not to read the short research article written in common everyday language, or you can choose not to do the short journal activity based on your reflection on how to apply the concepts. So, you can certainly spend less than an hour each day. However, if you want to be the best leader you can be =, you must see the value of becoming an even better and well-informed professional with the help of these focused lessons.

Dr. Paul is certified and experienced: Human Resource Management Graduate Certificate, Myers-Briggs psychological assessment certified, DiSc behavioural analyst/facilitator, Cultural Intelligence Certified, as well an Organizational Development (OD) Consultant.

Nobody Can Go to the Gym for You and Build a Better Physical Body for Yourself

Make time to do the work in order to get the results you desire. Where you put your focus and your time, is where you will get your results. So, if you want to gain greater respect, get better results, earn five professional continuing education credits (CEUs), earn a DCCEQ Certification, and become an even better you, enroll in this course and dedicate yourself to seeing things differently, in order to learn how to do things differently with more "leadership tools" that make your organization a place where team members love to give their very best and collaborate even better with each other, enroll now! We guarantee: a leaner, wiser, more productive, more profitable organization with lower employee turnover, enhanced profits, happier customers/stakeholders and employees with greater team abilities, dedication to high-quality work, better teamwork, more creativity, and greater job satisfaction if you choose to take the plunge and do this course right!

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Feedback & Reviews

"The amazing breadth and depth of Dr. Paul Gerhardt's courses will produce authentic transformational change, both individually and in organizations. As an expert in his field, Dr. Gerhardt presents the information in an easy to assimilate format, using highly effective adult learning methodologies. Anybody at any level can learn and apply these lessons! I credit these important teachings with helping me become a more compassionate and empathetic leader, and helping me address and overcome persnal biases. I would not be where I am today in my personal and professional life, if not for Dr. Gerhardt's influential work! Invest in yourself! You will not be disappointed."

Aladia Gan - Business Consultant: IT and Business Systems Integration

“In these current times of business management and human resources, it is imperative to learn skills that support and enhance multifaceted communities built from various socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnic groups, and cultural arrays. The Diversity Cultural Competence and Emotional Intelligence for Leaders professional development course is your way to strengthen the knowledge of what you may already know and to increase your skill capabilities to a whole other level as a business leader. Dr. Paul Gerhardt is an outstanding instructor and a passionate DEI (Diversity, Equity ad Inclusion) professional relationship subject matter expert. Within this certification course, you will truly be able to apply what you have learned in your daily profession.”

- Tammie S. Pyne, MBA, HR Professional, Retired Air Force Master Sergeant

Change The Ways You See Things To Get Even Better Results As a Leader. DCCEQ Certifications Works
Get This Course Today!

$2997 Limited Time Offer $997

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